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The AI-DHD Entrepreneur's Workshop

Unleash the power of AI and Automation to maximise your productivity and

save 10+ hours a week with this online workshop for ADHD Entrepreneurs!




In this 90-minute online event you will ⤵️

Harness the power of AI to enhance productivity,

streamline operations and cut your workload in half

Explore how to implement AI & Automation to

make content creation a breeze

Unlock AI-powered organization and focus to

effectively manage your time and energy

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This beginner-friendly, 90-minute online event is for ADHD entrepreneurs who want easy-to-implement strategies to utilize AI to become 10X more productive when building a business powered by an ADHD brain. 

Is Your ADHD 🧠 overwhelmed

by a mountain of tasks?

Do you have ADHD and a business?


Are you buried by a never-ending to-do-list but don't

have a budget to expand your team?


Perhaps you wish you had an assistant to do the

things you don't want to do?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the AI-DHD Entrepreneur's Workshop is for you.

🎓 What will you learn?

AI and Automation are revolutionising how we operate in the world around us. When you join this workshop you will discover:


The exact "prompts" to utilise ChatGPT to it's full potential

So that it can write your e-mails, content, website copy, DM’s, video scripts and even help you master your

sales calls!



Along with hands-on learning, I will also be providing you with step-by-step guides, prompts, templates and an opportunity to ask questions about all that we cover!

The best AI tools avaiable to support your ADHD brain

Along with Chat GPT, you will explore a multitude of AI platforms that provide the biggest benefits specifically for how your ADHD brain operates

How to skyrocket social media with AI & automation

To manage and boost engagement effectively on your social media!

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👋 Meet ARI || The ADHD Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Ari, better known as The ADHD Entrepreneur.


With a background in marketing and as an expert in ADHD and entrepreneurship, I built a 6 figure business wherein I have connected with, coached and supported thousands of ADHD entrepreneurs. 

AI has revolutionised how I manage my business as an ADHD Entrepreneur. It has maximised my efficiency, made me 10x more productive and on average saves me 10-20 hours a week!

I created The AI-DHD Entrepreneur's Workshop to share with you exactly how I am using AI and automation to achieve those results so that you can do the same!

I am beyond excited to deliver this workshop and am looking forward to meeting you at this one of a kind online event!

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