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It's time you ADHD-proof

your sales and marketing

Say Goodbye to
Admin & Overwhelm

With easy to set up systems that automate your lead gen and follow-up processes

Stay Focused
& On Track

With a clarity-driven roadmap that unlocks the step-by-step guide to transforming your ideas into your income 

Your Revenue

With expert and easy to implement, marketing and sales strategies proven to amplify profits for ADHD entrepreneurs

Unleash consistency, confidence and clarity

with the sales and marketing secrets that skyrocket 

ADHD Owned businesses.

Your ADHD-owned business

has the potential to be incredible

The problem is your overwhelm, fear of failure, and lack of direction are colliding with your ADHD challenges to paralyze you when it comes to sales and marketing. 

Believe it or not, this isn't your fault.

Your ADHD brain struggles with consistency, prioritising tasks and has a heightened sensitivity to rejection.


Marketing and selling your offer triggers all of these challenges at once.


This is why traditional marketing & selling strategies simply don't work

for ADHD Entrepreneurs!

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This is where "Sales & Marketing Mastery

For ADHD Entrepreneurs"comes in.

What's included?

Sales and Marketing Mastery is

the program you need to ADHD-proof

your sales and marketing efforts to 

skyrocket your business


Gain complete clarity on your ideas, stay on track and in hyperfocus with our signature 4 steps process


Show up online, market your offer and pitch & close your sales free from self-doubt or fear of failure


unlock your ADHD-proof marketing plan and stay accountable with your life-time accountability group and VIP community access.

Your 4-step process to

mastering sales & marketing

Sales and Marketing Mastery is a 4 part hybrid program

that combines video learning, guided templates and

accountability check-ins to achieve maximum results.

Course preview
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💪 Part 1.

Building Your Foundations

We build (or re-build) the foundations of your business from the strongest possible point for long term success.

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🚀 Part 2.

Building Your Systems

We set up every aspect of your sales process step by step to automate your entire lead gen and sales process.

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👀 Part 3.

Marketing Your Offer

We craft your entire marketing strategy to easily create content
that attracts high-quality leads

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💰 Part 4.

Selling Your Offer

Discover how to pitch and close your offer online and on discovery calls without feeling that uncomfortable
sale-sy feeling.

What makes tis ADD friendly

By ADHD entrepreneurs

for ADHD entrepreneurs

Sales and Marketing Mastery is designed specifically for your ADHD brain.

ADHD insight & management

adhd modules.png

Each module starts

with an indepth exploration into how your ADHD affects each stage with strategies to overcome  your strengths and minimize your challenges.

8 playback
speed options
and subtitles

With multiple speed options

and captions, each video

a lesson in the program can

be entirely tailored for your brand of ADHD. 


This program is a hybrid model. This means that you follow each step at your own pace but are kept accountable with life

time access to weekly  accountability check ins AND the VIP community.

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What ADHD business owners are saying about

"Sales & Marketing Mastery for ADHD Entrepreneurs"

Course testimonials
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testimonial messages.png
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👋 Meet the creator of

"Sales & marketing mastery

for ADHD Entrepreneurs"

Hi, I’m Ari, better known as The ADHD Entrepreneur. 

I'm an ADHD Business Coach & Consultant on a mission to grow 100,000 ADHD Owned businesses.


After building my business to 6 figures in under a year and then doing the same for my 1:1 clients,

I created Sales & marketing mastery for ADHD entrepreneurs to share those same strategies

with a wider audience and skyrocket more

ADHD Entrepreneurs to the same results! 

Ready to join them?

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