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The 6-Figure ADHD Owned Biz Growth Checklist ✅

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entrepreneurs to 6-figures

without burnout

We make business building simple for ADHD entrepreneurs.

You grow faster, with confidence and without burnout.


Skyrocket your income, impact and freedom without burning out


24/7 support to know what

to do in your business, when AND exactly how to do it

Save 20+ hours a week

with done for you templates, systems and automations

Unlock clarity, confidence

and competence with The Energy Management Framework

The Energy Management Framework simultaneously

removes overwhelm and catapults your growth with business

building strategy that works with your ADHD brain

Burnout-Free Business Building

Know what to do, when and how to do it without a high demand for your time, energy and attention

Done With You Meets Done For You

Wave goodbye to executive dysfunction with the boring tasks and processes done for you

Proven ADHD-Friendly Strategies

Attract dream, ready-

to-buy clients without gross sales tactics that trigger your RSD


Say Hi to some

of our clients

👋 Hi I'm Ari...but I'm better known as The ADHD Entrepreneur.


late-in-life diagnosed, expelled from school, fired, empty bank account, unemployment, burnout, failure - I’ve been through it all.


Fast forward, and I built my business to a quarter of a million

dollars in under 2 years by aligning how I operate it with my ADHD brain.

I believe entrepreneurship is a lifeline for ADHD brains in a world that, in so many ways, is set up to work against how our ADHD brains function.  

That's why I made it my mission to help build 100,000 ADHD-owned businesses and, as you heard from our client videos above, so's going pretty darn well...

Meet entrepreneur



Ready to fast-track your ADHD-owned

business to 6-figures without burnout?

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